An Ocean of Champaign

Lying in my bed, turning over and over
I can't get no sleep, I stay awake
Sit straight, look around...

Oh my god!!!

The walls of my room are tumbling, the ceiling disappears
it's 2 in the night, and I'm daydreaming like a child
The bricks start to dissolve - now I can see the light
the sun is shining on this landscape of water
Wow, I can feel it burn my skin
I am in the middle of an ocean, a deep blue sea
the huge waves lift me up and bring me down - up/down
Am I awake, am I dreaming?

When objects of my dreams materialize, become visible - touchable
when reality's interrupted by the memories of my nights -
then I realize what it's all about:

the struggling and fighting,
the pain and pleasure
the signs of life
the mosaics of consciousness and subconsciousness reveal the picture
it is visualized right there before me,
within the pattern of those beautiful waves
within the shape of clouds
all we are is just a flash in the night,
a moment in the universe

And still - when you become you're own guide in this world
and you teach yourself reading them symbols
and you practise hard and long enough
you have a good chance of feeling
- if only for a split second -
the meaning of it all
the concept as a whole
the vision of god

The spirit is a drop of champain in an ocean of water

© forever started 1996, Jashan Chittesh (fka Holger Wagner) (
Reproducing this collection of bits and bytes is quite alright
with me as long as it's not for commercial purposes and as long
as no changes are made and this message is included.

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