Clubbing 1996

And then we finally reached that place where time is indifferent. Where the only thing you perceive from reality is - beauty. Actually, there's only one thing at all - beauty. It makes me so happy that I can tell you the fact that eventually you found the door to this place. From this very moment just a couple of beats ago it will ever be wide open. It's a sad affair that only few people know about this - even less ever find it.

But that doesn't really matter to us right now because - we are here and we'll stay for a while...

Be careful whenever you get back because this door is also the gate to hell and madness, so you better choose the right path when you enter. Well, honestly, who cares about such a stupid-dumb-ass-idiot-thing like hell, anyways - that's a long, long way and you definitely don't wanna go there!

Where was I? Ah, yeah, so - we keep on travelling through fields of sound and it's surprising how we are filled with silence, confidence and this unprecendented excitement all at the same time. Shivers go up and down your body and on a certain level, you're trembling like crazy - but that's ok because we all are and this is how it's supposed to be.

Keep on movin' - your arms, your legs and all of your body and remember to keep that big-bright-love-energy smile all over your face. If you don't, you're outta here - or maybe you'll stay.

Goddamnit - you still don't know what I'm talking about? Go, clear your mind, focus all the positive energy around you and you'll see that the key always has been and forever will be within you!

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