Coming Home...

6am – dawn of a new day
lap [<-(on my)] top
digitizing emotion and thought

clouds and a soft blue sky
shapes of mountains
100 miles per hour
for 21 hours... speed?
3 hours sleeping in my car instead

electronic vibrations from my stereo
feeling waves of energy messing with my guts
energy more than mindblowing
energy that keeps me going
bringing tears to my eyes
bits of truth among culture’s lies
soft blue only in my mind – clear

tripping for 7 weeks
chemicals or realtime – not much difference
coming down – coming home
to the used state of mind
will it ever be the same?

did I really need this
to make me see I’m free?
* * * J O Y * * *

© forever started 1996, Jashan Chittesh (fka Holger Wagner) (
Reproducing this collection of bits and bytes is quite alright
with me as long as it's not for commercial purposes and as long
as no changes are made and this message is included.

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