Dreaming Memories

There's a magic place in my mind. A place called memory. It's where all the good things are stored, and the bad things don't exist. As I keep on travelling through future, this is the place I call home. You can come back whenever you need this overwhelming warmth.

I remember all the good feelings and all the nice people. I remember the music. I remember the sun that was shining, from the sky and in my heart.

I can still recall it, I still feel the joy. I know the doors I've unlocked and appreciate them being open. Tears may be falling from my eyes right now but the pain will die softly when the pressure dissolves into love. Again.

"There's joy in repetition" some people say, but the joy comes from the new aspects revealing themselves each time. We grow, and with us grows a feeling that is stronger than everything - and it's still weak compared to what it will be like... in a month, in a year, during the last moment before we die.

One day this feeling will be strong enough to let us forget who we are and open up to infinity. It's dangerous, it's a threat to our sanity - but when we're there, we'll understand that this is the only thing we are born for. Listen to your dreams. When your memory's gone, they're the only thing left.

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