Extreme Insight

My self
confronted with myself
without the filters of my mind
without the shades that keep me blind
those shades turning black in the face of danger

has exploded in my brains
shooting holes through the veils of comfort
shooting pathways through that neural network
that neural network I misunderstand as my self

is what I'm waiting for
creation from the lifeless chaos
creation of the self without myself
my self in unity with the goddess and eternity

vibrating through the void
breaking the rigid models as love
breaking the hypocrisy with pain
melting what is to the nothing in everything

© forever started 1996, Jashan Chittesh (fka Holger Wagner) (http://www.ramtiga.com)
Reproducing this collection of bits and bytes is quite alright
with me as long as it's not for commercial purposes and as long
as no changes are made and this message is included.

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