Travelling through the spaces of time. Dreaming the Universe of life. There is no expression for this to give you an idea - I can only ask you to come with me.

Come with me to your memories full of energy. Join me on a trip to love in a new dimension. Open your eyes to the beauty that is still unrevealed but existent everywhere. Open your heart to the goodness of people and let them see the message in your eyes.

You'll have to learn about things that you've learned to forget. You're world might be falling apart for a while. There'll be confusion, and sometimes you might even feel pain.

At the end, slowly but definitely, you'll realize that a new sort of consciousness is building up inside you. You'll find yourself living in a better world. Things are never gonna be the same.

Even though outside nothing much seems to have changed.

© forever started 1996, Jashan Chittesh (fka Holger Wagner) (
Reproducing this collection of bits and bytes is quite alright
with me as long as it's not for commercial purposes and as long
as no changes are made and this message is included.

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