A World of Illusions

Can you hear the beat of the drums? Come closer! We've gathered to celebrate the reincarnation of love and ecstasy. Everybody is dancing around the burning, warming, exciting and fascinating fire. You see people from all over the world. All different kinds of colors, ages and ideologies. But we've all got one thing in common: we are happy people, nice people.
The tension rises, the beat is getting louder, more intense - slow movements as you dive into the ocean of your hallucinogenic dreams all awake with a clear mind full of ideas. As the drugs are kicking in harder than ever before, and as you find yourself with those people you love around you, you realize once again that your whole life is fuckin' synthetic.

You've lost your body about a hundred years ago, when people still needed cars and VR-suits. At that time, no one believed this would work - now they're all dead and you're the only one alive. On the whole planet. Maybe, you are the last existing manifestation of life in the whole material Universe.

It took only 10 hours to wipe out millions of years of evolution. Somebody designed this virus. Maybe just for fun, feeling like a god, acting like a fool. Just an experiment - disintegrating any cells but nerves. 10 hours.

What an excitement! So many people dieing. So much fear. So much pain. Well, after those 10 hours - not even one day - no one cried anymore. Because there was no one left who could cry.

You actually felt like crying but you couldn't. You're just a brain without a body. A unique bioelectric construction that can never die.

You're lonely. Your memories are fading. All you ever see is just an illusion of complex electricity. All you ever feel is what the computer tells you to feel. You are definitely connected.

Isn't it an irony that knowledge survived human life? All the information is saved. You're lucky - technology advanced so far it doesn't need human life. As long as the sun will be shining, you will be trippin' with your computer animated soul mates. You should be happy - you've discovered infinity and you don't need to deal with pollution. And honestly, didn't you always think life sucks?

© forever started 1996, Jashan Chittesh (fka Holger Wagner) (http://www.ramtiga.com)
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