Worthless Words

What's the use of being unhappy
what joy is in life when you're no longer free
who's to decide what means perfect to you
when you're the only one living to chose what you do

The answer's so simple and still seems a secret
looks like few of us find it before they are dead
it's a statement too simple to put it in words
and still seems so much for a change that it hurts

Words are just symbols and what do they mean
a collection of memories that one person has seen
experiences you had - most I'll never have
So I shall stay silent - nothing's better than half

© forever started 1996, Jashan Chittesh (fka Holger Wagner) (http://www.ramtiga.com)
Reproducing this collection of bits and bytes is quite alright
with me as long as it's not for commercial purposes and as long
as no changes are made and this message is included.

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