Are you ready for this???

So you don't know German, huh? What a bummer... see, you're missing the most recent advances in whole-brain thinking technology just because you don't know all languages of the whole world. Well, I know that sucks and I know it's all my fault... please accept my sincere apologies and keep in mind: el messenger no es importante, but the language he uses may be. Imagine this: in some weird twisted way, the knowledge about how this world works has made its way into someone's brain. Damn cool that is, isn't it? But: the brain is structured in one way, and the message in another one - and those two structures are fully incompatible. What a tragedy... the brain dissolves into nothing while the message becomes everything, nice sensation but still no one gets the point.

Thanx for reading this... now what's copy'n'paste for me, will be clicking on hyperlinks for you, and you better be aware what a hyperlink really is ;-)

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